Thursday, June 10, 2010

Jaden Smith: The Karate Kid

Jaden Smith recently walked down his very own red carpet. This Friday he can be seen in theaters everywhere starring alongside Jackie Chan in The Karate Kid. Jaden may have a famous father, but from the looks of his resume he is planning on following in daddy Will’s footsteps and making the entertainment business his turf. In 2006 Jaden starred alongside his Dad in the heart wrenching Pursuit of Happyness. Jaden also recently made an appearance in the music video for Never Say Never with Justin Bieber (automatic props), which features scenes from The Karate Kid.
The Karate Kid is a shoe in for number one at the box office this weekend, considering the only other large release is The A- Team, which probably won’t appeal to a younger crowd. The Karate Kid spans generations as well, since the original was released in 1984. In fact the trend at the box office the next couple of weekends is all about bringing generations together, as next weekend is the release of Toy Story 3, and those who were actually kids in 1995 when the first Toy Story was released have graduated high school by now.
Jaden is also set to star in Amulet, produced by Will Smith, alongside his sister Willow. This twelve year old from LA has his own charm and style that adds flair to any film. It’s nice to see a talented “fresh prince” with Hollywood roots to help steer his career. Don’t think that having a famous dad takes away from Jaden’s success, it only enhances his charm. Check out The Karate Kid this weekend and see for yourself that Jaden Smith can really kick some butt at the box office.


  1. This film deserves much more than 5.1. I have watch Karate Kid 2010, It is not just a good entertaining movie but also it makes you think about kung fu discipline and philosophy of peace. I found interesting also how the story is situated in a real life situation of the global economy. Without being the focus of the film, it tells you something about the global economic crisis and jobs outsourced to China. It is not casual that the main characters have to move from Detroit to Beijing. I think it is great the director was able to tell us about Dre Parker's struggles to adapt to that new culture without changing much of the original karate kid version. Of course they don't do karate but I didn't really care about it. Kung fu is more fun and gives room for a more interesting story.

  2. i really enjoyed the movie