Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What will 2011 Entertain Us With?

Thor: A comic book classic starring Chris Hemsworth and Anthony Hopkins. Liam Hemsworth tried out for this film, but his older brother won the battle. This film has been buzzed about for over a year, and its coming to a theater near you May 2011!  

LOL: A remake of a 2008 French film starring Miley Cyrus, Ashley Greene, Demi Moore, Douglas Booth, and Adam Sevani. When Cyrus signed onto the script, Hollywood was abuzz, since her character kisses a girl, smokes, and has sex. I say, "Hannah who?" This comedic flick has a great storyline, and is sure to hit close to home for mothers and daughters everywhere.

Joe Jonas' Solo Album: I was never sure if the middle Jo Bro could measure up to his younger brother Nick's talent and suave. After some solos in Camp Rock 2, I'm sure there is plenty of space in the music world for a solo side project from Joe Jonas.

Justin Bieber's 3-D Concert Movie: 3-D Concert movies are the new smart phones for musicians. Girls everywhere will get to be with Justin via the big screen this coming Valentine's Day.

So Undercover: For someone who said she was "taking a break", Miley Cyrus sure is working a lot. Starring Cyrus, Kelly Osbourne, and Joshua Bowman, this action-comedy directed by Tom Vaughn will hopefully be a better view than the ever so hyped about Bounty Hunter.

Demi Lovato: Ms. Lovato is set to release a new album in 2011 and will also tour (minus some Jonas Brothers) to promote her new tunes.

Smurfs: Katy Perry as a Smurf. Enough said.

Taylor Swift's World Tour: Bringing Fearless everywhere. You too can breathe the same air as Taylor Swift.

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