Monday, August 20, 2012

I won't grow up!

I'm a big kid. I can't help it! I love to have fun. I was never a typical child. I was always focused on school, getting into college, getting good grades, and being successful. All of those things were great, and life worked out pretty well in that respect, but when I graduated college I realized how much of life I had missed out on.
One of the funniest moments of my life was when I rode a roller coaster for the first time as an adult. The feeling was amazing. I wondered why I spent so long being afraid of them. I was giddy, running around the amusement park asking to go on every ride. The worst part was we were actually with kids, who were much less excited than I was!
This is why I love Children's Hospital, because it reminds me that I never have to grow up! And that it's never too late to be a kid, even with all the serious day to day adult stuff we have to deal with.
Check out the video below for some lughs, and grab your copy of Children's Hospital: the complete third season today!

Childrens Hospital: The Complete Third Season on... by thewbdotcom

I have been hired by Warner Bros WBWord division to raise awareness for Childrens Hospital

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