Monday, October 8, 2012

Find what frees your soul!

I played my saxophone for the first time in a couple of years today. I haven't had it with me since I moved and there was a part of me that missed it. I was worried I would forget how to play. I've been playing the saxophone since I was in the fifth grade. I have no idea why I picked it. I just loved the sound I guess.
I've always had a love/hate relationship with my saxophone. I love music more than I love breathing sometimes, but playing an instrument was never something I was amazing at. It was like school where it was super competitive and a big part of me was sick of competition.
As I played today, and the notes flowed from my hands through the beautiful instrument I am lucky enough to own, I realized taht one, I'm not too shabby for someone who never plays. I saw that playing the saxophone was never about the competition or being in bands or wanting anything more from it than it's FUN! I can play some chords, learn some music, and literally "blow off some steam."
We focus so much of our lives on being "good" at something, being productive, or finding our definition of success. Sometimes what we need is a hobby. Something that makes us feel alive and frees our souls. When we have that it allows us to be more productive in the areas of our lives that we need to excel at because it creates a balance.
 Everything we enjoy doing is a part of the process of becoming who we are, and living out our purpose whether it's to be a Hollywood star, a great musician, or just an all around great person!      

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